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About Us关于我们

About Us关于我们


We are happy to help you find your best dream house, ideal office and fortune warehouse as per your budget/requirements/hope. Our service is utmost trusted, your happiness and satisfaction is our success and satisfaction too.



Seeking sweet dream house we're helpful! 
Our ultimate and only goal is to serve you satisfactorily and make you happy. Enjoy your dream home/office/warehouse and your life.





提请注意:我们可以随时帮助你安全合法地把人民币兑换成美元,然后安全合法地汇到美国等海外国家来买卖投资房地产, 有需要的,请微信: marshalxma  或电子邮件sweetdreamhome1@hotmail.com 联系我们。


CA Realty License ID (BRE#): 01951152


Contact 房地产经纪联系人: Marshal X. Ma


Real Estate Broker Services Inc. (BRE # 01900990)

DBA: REAL ESTATE eBroker Group (REeBroker Group)



Email电邮: sweetdreamhome1@gmail.com


QQ: 1564851221

Phone 电话: 626-271-2718

Mailing Adddress: 

Attn: Marshal X. Ma,   P.O. Box 5312,  Norco, CA 92860



特别提醒,请记住:在美国买卖房子一定要找地产经纪,可以买到更便宜的房价,避免了麻烦和纠纷。不要企图避开绕开房地产经纪直接找卖房者和建筑开发商买房,奢望或指望卖方建筑开发商不付地产经纪佣金就会给你买主降价或便宜! 而且卖方的房主和建筑开发商也不会把他们付给房地产经纪的佣金转加到你买的房价上,付给地产经纪的佣金只能作为其成本开支,法律和政府 是禁止和不允许转嫁给买房的买主的,这一点与中国大陆正好相反,所以不要用中国大陆的做法来推理美国也如此,  因为建筑开发商的卖价是经当地市政府批准备案定死的,不允许降价毫厘卖出,降价会减少当地市政府的房地产税收收入。特别提醒,请记住:在美国买卖房子一定要找地产经纪,地产经纪是免费为你工作,你不用付地产经纪一分钱,特别是买新房更要找地产经纪,第一次看房一定要地产经纪带领去看,否则买不到便宜价格,如果买主第一次自己单独去买和看房或上建筑开发商的销售网站登记后,建筑开发商不会给买主任何折扣和降价,以后再找经纪也没用了,所以切忌自己单独去看房或上网登记,记住一定要经纪带着。您若是想买全新屋, 请勿贸然参观样品屋, 那将会使你丧失透过地产经纪人免费帮你议价的权利, 请速和我联系, 我将免费代表您和建筑商议价。这一点正好与中国大陆情况相反,以为摔开经纪自己直接单独去会买得更便宜, 错错,切忌耍小聪明,聪明反被聪明误!
切记:在美国买卖房地产永远是卖方付地产经纪佣金,买方不付丝毫佣金, 不要指望奢望卖方不付地产经纪佣金就会给买主降价或便宜!

你若正在寻找梦想屋, 我们可以帮你安家买房,同时搞定贷款,不查收入,不查信用,无论是否外国人,无论有无美国合法身份。

At Sweet Dream Home, our mission has always been the same: . Founded in , our clients trust us to offer the best in the whole California area. Our team is the most professional, experienced and trustworthy in the business of realty industry.

Great services at a lower cost

We work hard to give you the best around. But it's important to us that our clients get the benefits of a better product and service without paying more. Our commitment is to excellence without inflated price, and that's why we pride ourselves on a history of being the lowest-cost option among our competitors.

How we do it

We've built our business and reputation on a simple model: provide our clients with top quality service and strike a deal by professional negotiation skill, but not the usual price tag; let our clients refer us to others; and maintain a network of people who know us and keep coming back. That's why we are sustaining ourselves by satisfying our clients very well through getting their sweet dream home. It's a model that's worked for us since the beginning, and we're glad to pass on the benefits to you.

Looking ahead

We're dedicated to remaining your low-cost alternative for decades to come. We hope you'll keep looking to us as the experienced and professional team you've known since .

We are happy to help find your best dream house as per your budget/hope

Our ultimate and only goal is to serve you satisfactorily and make you happy. Enjoy your dream home and your life.


Our Mission提醒与使命

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